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    An alternative method for developing system training e-learning modules

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Simon Humby is an eLearning designer and an expert in his field.  Simon shared with Enterprise Study an alternative method, with greater success than the norm, for developing elearning for IT and system projects. Working on so many eLearning projects over the years has led me to develop a workflow…

  • Meet the Enterprise Study Team - Andy Morrell

    Meet the Enterprise Study Team

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Are the members of the Enterprise Study Team a mystery to the outside world?! We sometimes wonder if the development team might be, especially as they work so hard behind the scenes – so we’ve been introducing the team members in our newsletters. This month, in our Meet the Enterprise…

  • A quick guide to Enterprise Study's verifications function

    Understanding Enterprise Study system functions

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Enterprise Study – are you aware of the full potential of our solutions? Are you an existing Enterprise Study customer, or are you new to us? Either way, you may find that there are so many different functions and applications to discover, that at times new features, or those which you only…

  • Managed Learning Services - a rough guide

    Using Managed Learning Services to add value

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Managed Learning Services are great for maximising value for clients. Our cloud based solution will help you offer sophisticated managed learning services to your customers… As managed learning services (MLS) continue to gain popularity, you may have considered using software as a way to build on what you are currently offering…

  • H&S stats infographic detail for web

    Are your health and safety processes robust enough?

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    The 2015/16 HSE reports showed a number of interesting statistics around health and safety… The number of people who have died, sustained an injury, or experienced illness at work are high – click the infographic below to see more detail. In addition to this already distressing number, the costs to…

  • Meet the team David Haines

    Enterprise Study – Meet the Team

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Enterprise Study? About who it is creating new functions in the system, customising existing functions, making sure everything runs smoothly, fixing issues, making the tea, answering the phone, bringing in the biscuits, dealing with client care, managing implementation, or…

  • Infographic about tips for LMS (learning management system) selection.

    LMS (Learning Management System) Selection – top tips

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Are you considering implementing a LMS, or Learning Management System? Are you thinking about ways that it could help streamline your staff learning and development, contractor compliance, and metrics or ROI reporting? Are you looking for easier, smarter ways to manage regulatory compliance for skills and training? Or ways to improve…

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    Managing employee relations

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Building and maintaining healthy employee relations is essential for any business that strives to be successful. Happy employees are more confident, productive and effective, and a stronger employee relationship leads to better morale and job satisfaction. Companies that nurture and successfully manage employee relations enhance an employee’s motivation to be…

  • Review your compliance management

    How do you ensure compliance?

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Fighting back from reputation scandals, particularly around compliance, is extremely difficult and costly.  Consider how long will it take for the public to trust Volkswagen again? Months?  Years even? At Alton Towers, the devastating accident last year has cost their owners, Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd, over £40Million. Yet the true…

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    7 Ways to Retain your Best Talent

    Published by Jessica Soothill

    In some businesses high employee retention is normal due to the nature of the work (such as seasonal employment), however, what if one of your top leaders/an expert leaves and you have no plan in place? This could leave a huge skills gap within the workplace and lead to a…