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  • becoming a champion training broker

    How to be a champion training broker

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    So, as a company, you’ve made the decision to start offering not only your own training to client companies, but also to start brokering training courses from other suppliers as well. This is going to present benefits to your business, but it will also present challenges. As with all things,…

  • 6 step guide to better reporting

    The importance of effective reporting

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    In every professional context, analysis and reporting on effectiveness, investment, activity and results is paramount. Providing evidence of a plan, followed by details of implementation, steps taken, and results across every area of activity is an expectation. Should reports be difficult / fiddly / boring? Reporting can be such a…

  • Outstanding

    Outstanding CQC results

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    We’ve been delighted to congratulate two of our clients (St. Luke’s, Plymouth and Heart of Kent Hospice) on their CQC inspections – and the resulting ‘outstanding’ ratings each organisation was awarded. The CQC inspection is centred around five key areas: safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness, and whether an organisation is well led….

  • 100 percent regulation compliance

    How to: Achieve 100% compliance in your organisation

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Guaranteeing 100% compliance is challenging, difficult even, but not impossible. This blog will consider some key issues around improving your compliance. Does your organisation, or the industry or sector you work within, demand high levels of compliance from multiple layers of staff? Are you monitored on compliance levels? Are you…

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    Part 2: An Alternative Method for System E-Learning Development

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Blog By Simon Humby, System e-Learning Developer In my last blog I spoke about HPSDMB. If you have no idea what that means you can read or re-read part 1 by clicking here. To recap part 1. Content Developers don’t need to become SMEs. The organisation already has SMEs so…

  • Managed Learning Services guide to

    Managed Learning Services – a new string to your bow?

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Managed Learning Services – the conversation We’ve been talking about Managed Learning Services a lot lately at Enterprise Study. To us, they represent a solid opportunity for our clients to develop and expand their offering, and for us to support them in their objectives to do that. What’s the deal…

  • Placeholder Image

    An alternative method for developing system training e-learning modules

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Simon Humby is an eLearning designer and an expert in his field.  Simon shared with Enterprise Study an alternative method, with greater success than the norm, for developing elearning for IT and system projects. Working on so many eLearning projects over the years has led me to develop a workflow…

  • Meet the Enterprise Study Team - Andy Morrell

    Meet the Enterprise Study Team

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Are the members of the Enterprise Study Team a mystery to the outside world?! We sometimes wonder if the development team might be, especially as they work so hard behind the scenes – so we’ve been introducing the team members in our newsletters. This month, in our Meet the Enterprise…

  • A quick guide to Enterprise Study's verifications function

    Understanding Enterprise Study system functions

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Enterprise Study – are you aware of the full potential of our solutions? Are you an existing Enterprise Study customer, or are you new to us? Either way, you may find that there are so many different functions and applications to discover, that at times new features, or those which you only…

  • Managed Learning Services - a rough guide

    Using Managed Learning Services to add value

    Published by Alana Hopkins

    Managed Learning Services are great for maximising value for clients. Our cloud based solution will help you offer sophisticated managed learning services to your customers… As managed learning services (MLS) continue to gain popularity, you may have considered using software as a way to build on what you are currently offering…