The facility to blend face to face tuition and e-Learning is great. We can use ES to host our e-Learning programme and have all of our existing e-Learning available through the same portal.

Roland Bryant, Portsmouth City Council

Roland Bryant, Portsmouth City Council


How do your staff love to learn? Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers classroom, video, eLearning, webinars, coaching, mentoring, workbased reflection logging, CPD management, for a true 70:20:10 approach to learning. 

We know that people learn in a variety of different ways and being able to blend the learning you offer creates the best ROI for any L&D department. The Enterprise Study Learning Management suite ensures you have all the tools at hand to offer the most rounded learning path to your employees.


Classroom Learning

Do your learners prefer being in the traditional classroom setting? Face to face learning provokes social interaction, allows you to share your experiences with others, and is still a tried and tested learning method.

  • Using our easy-to-use event scheduling tool, create, resource and price classroom based courses
  • With capacity limits, never overfill or overbook - users will see exactly how many spaces are left
  • Promote your full course portfolio, or restrict your courses to only a select few individuals, or teams
  • Manage multiple levels of authorisation - emails are triggered for booking sign-off and managers can authorise this using mobile devices


Have you got some funky content and need somewhere to host it? Upload your course, or pull in E-Learning results from other systems (everyone’s training record remains up to date and in one place).

  • Supports SCORM 1.2, 2004 and Tin Can content
  • Upload standards compliant courses from off-the-shelf E-Learning vendors
  • Deliver engaging training to a distributed workforce at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training methods
  • Provide greater flexibility to users as training can be accessed at any time, anywhere (even from home)
  • Encourage greater engagement by developing in-house content using a whole array of authoring tools

Virtual Classroom Learning 

Using the familiar WebEx platform, you can deliver training regardless of where your instructors are. Users can access the virtual classroom from anywhere (even from home). We’ll send them a handy reminder with their login instructions, and don’t worry, there’s a visual attention indicator so you’ll always know if you’ve got them captivated (now that is snazzy!)

  • Cost effective way of delivering training for a workforce across multiple locations
  • Training sessions can be recorded, allowing users to access them later
  • Increase knowledge retention by running more shorter, regular sessions

Video Learning

Didn’t just kill the radio star! This works great for blended learning. Why don’t you record your knowledge experts and have the session in the system for staff to access when the mood takes them.

  • Ideal for mobile devices and for skills refresh on the move
  • Videos can be split into modules and chapters, so only watch the bits that are relevant to you
  • Supports a huge range of file formats – so just upload and play


Games have developed a lot since Pacman and Tetris. It’s now an ultra-effective way to encourage greater interactivity and virtual networking, at sometimes a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom events. It’s also super whizzy and looks pretty cool too!

  • Bring together a dispersed workforce on one central gaming platform
  • Unlimited amount of interactions – from waving to blowing raspberries
  • Schedule, launch, track and report (using Tin Can) all within one system
  • If you need assistance in designing and building gamification programmes contact our partners Fenturi the experts in Gamification