Webinar : Compliance and Learning, an Integrated Solution

Published by Shona Fletcher

Topics covered were: Integrating compliance and learning Bringing policies, company values and compliance into the learning mix Making compliance less of a “tick box” exercise by using the xAPI (TinCan) Real examples from Scottish Power and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust If you missed the webinar and would like to…

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  • Coach mentor

    What to look for in a coach or mentor

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    “I look at where I’m at today and realise that most of my success is owed to the mentors in my life.” These are the words of seven time Grammy award winning musician Kendrick Lamar. Whether you’re a rap fan or not, they’re words that resonate across most professions and…

  • Automation

    Could automation tools reduce repetitive admin tasks within your business?

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Automation has the potential to improve business systems and processes for organisations all over the world. It is already established as a bone fide digital trend and is picking up steam as the positive impact of integrating automation into an existing business infrastructure becomes better known. If you’re looking to…

  • 702010

    The 70:20:10 learning theory explained

    Published by Wes Maynard

    70:20:10 is a learning theory that was created in the 1980s and is widely thought of as the most reliable roadmap to optimised learning. It breaks down the sources of learning into: 70% acquired knowledge as a result of job related experience 20% of learning from interactions with others at…

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    ‘xAPI: What is it and how it is shaping eLearning & Development’ Webinar Video

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Missed the xAPI webinar? Wishing you could revisit some of topics discussed? Don’t worry! You can catch up on everything you missed at your convenience here.  xAPI – What it is and how it is shaping eLearning and development from Enterprise Study on Vimeo. If you’re interested in discussing…

  • Workplace Learning

    What does the changing world of learning in the workplace look like?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Workplace learning has evolved enormously in recent years. Long gone are the days when training was focused purely on a single course or objective. Today, it is much more about a holistic and forward thinking approach to employee development that is better integrated with business goals and objectives. Traditional learning…

  • Enterprise Study receives LPI Learning Technologies Provider Accreditation

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Enterprise Study are delighted to have been awarded the status of Accredited Learning Technologies Provider by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) for our high quality and efficiency in the provision of learning and development services to our clients. To receive accreditation, Enterprise Study had to pass KPI criteria in…

  • Business Training

    5 problems that Extended Enterprise training can avoid

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Extended Enterprise training is increasingly being viewed as the solution to issues such as avoiding problems with brand reputation and ensuring that everyone the business works with is on the same page. It is an opportunity to push your own knowledge and standards through the business’ extended network, including suppliers,…

  • Webinar: What is xAPI and how is it shaping eLearning and Development?

    Published by Nick De Jong

    On Tuesday 5th December, Enterprise Study are hosting an ‘xAPI – What is it and how is it shaping eLearning and Development’ webinar, offering organisations a valuable insight into xAPI and how it is shaping eLearning and Development in business. During the webinar, we will look at the differences between…

  • What is unique about an Extended Enterprise LMS for your business?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Learning management is an essential component in progress for many businesses. However, the importance of LMS for the Extended Enterprise can be easily overlooked. The reality is that internal staff and those who make up the Extended Enterprise of a business have very different learning needs and the only way…